I bloody love Fish & Chips. Sadly, as a Coeliac I don’t often get to eat fish and chips, either nothing is gluten free or they fry everything in the same oil as the fish so I can’t eat it anyway. I’ve only ever really found one other Fish & Chip shop that does gluten free. You can read about that one here.

When I found out that I could get gluten free fish & chips right here in Plymouth, I was pretty excited. Proper chip shop chips are one of my favourite things. I decided to treat myself one lunchtime when I was on my own down on the Barbican here in Plymouth.

Harbourside have a fish and chip restaurant on Southside Street in Plymouth and they opened an exclusively gluten free takeaway shop in 2018. Here what they have to say about themselves on their website:

In 2018 we opened our Gluten Free venture and we have not looked back since serving our first portion of fish and chips.

It has been a delight to see the smile on customer’s faces who have not been able to enjoy the Nation’s favourite take- away for many years due to Coeliac Disease.

We offer a full and varied menu and every single choice is Gluten Free. We have been fully accredited by Coeliac UK and hope to see you through our doors soon to enjoy the same high standard Harbourside experience- Gluten Free style!

They have a good menu, offering bits other than the standard fish and chips (sausage, chicken, fishcakes, halloumi etc.). It is all a really reasonable price too. The gluten free takeaway is also accredited by Coeliac UK, so you can safely eat here without worrying. Brilliant right?

There is something very calming about sitting by the water eating fish & chips, even if there was a dodgy seagull eyeing my lunch up.

I went for a portion of chips and a portion of battered halloumi. You get a really good amount, I was asked if I wanted salt and vinegar. I went for just vinegar. The halloumi comes with a little pot of sweet chilli sauce as well. After grabbing some napkins, wooden forks and my lunch, I dug in.

Oh.My.God. I thoroughly, thoroughly enjoyed them. The chips were lovely, proper chip shop chips and the halloumi is addictive. I could have eaten another ten portions of it. It was freshly cooked whilst I waited and was lovely and hot. The batter on the halloumi is really nice. Crisp and light and not claggy like some gluten free stuff can be. I would definitely, totally recommend you eat here. I can only imagine that the regular menu at their restaurant and takeaway on Southside Street is really good too!

If you are looking for a very tasty fish and chip treat for you gluten free tummy, I urge you to head to the Barbican and try Harbourside’s gluten free menu.

Do you like a bag of chips? Or is it just a seaside treat? Let me know below!

1 thought on “Gluten Free Fish & Chips at Harbourside, Plymouth

  1. Reading your post has made me crave chippy food! I’m gutted that we cannot go out right now, so I can get some! T_T Excellent post though, I always love your reviews of restaurants & your blog is a wonderful resource for people who are gluten free! I love that Harbourside is exclusively gluten-free, how amazing!! What a beautiful location too, I want to sit by the sea and eat chippy chips!

    The chips you ordered look SO DELICIOUS!! And random, but it really like when restaurants have wooden forks VS plastic ones 🙂 I’m so happy for you that you found this place, and can treat yourself to chippy food. Awesome post! – Sarah x

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