The lovely people at Silly Yak recently sent me some of their ready-to-roll gluten free pastry.

You can check out Silly Yak’s website here

When Lucy, the wife of a talented young baker named Tom, was diagnosed with Coeliacs, Tom couldn’t bear for her to miss out on all of her favourite baked goodies. With passion in his heart and a rumble in his tummy, Tom created a selection of truly scrumptious gluten and wheat-free treats that he and Lucy both loved. Now you can love them too with this delicious range of delights from the Silly Yak.

I was lucky enough to try their Ready to Roll Puff Pastry.


First things first, I LOVE the packaging. It is bright and colourful and is pretty compact so it fits in the fridge nicely. The only downside for me is that you can’t pop it in the freezer to use later, although it did have a decent use by date.

You can buy Silly Yak Gluten Free Ready to Roll Pastry in Tesco.

The instructions are on the back of the packet and are really easy to follow, basically, roll it out, add your fillings or toppings or whatever and then pop in the oven for 30-35 minutes.

I decided to try both a sweet and a savoury option to see how the pastry fared across the board.


My kitchen was pretty warm when I rolled out the pastry so I had to use a bit of gluten free flour on the board, rolling pin and pastry to prevent it from sticking. It was easy to roll, looked, felt and smelt like regular pastry, it was a bit stickier than regular pastry.

For the savoury option, I raided my fridge for leftovers and topped my rolled out pastry square with some grated cheese, spring onion, lardons and some ham (super healthy right?). I then popped it in the oven for 35 minutes. All in all, including prep and cooking it took ar0und 40 minutes so ideal for after work when you can’t be bothered to cook a great big meal.

So this pastry/pizza kind of thing tasted amazing. The pastry is really nice, it was lovely and flaky and had a nice buttery taste to it. My non coeliac husband also enjoyed it and said you couldn’t have told the difference between this gluten free pastry and normal gonna-make-me-super-ill pastry.

I was pretty excited to have a go at something sweet next to see if the pastry worked as well in a sweet dish. After some thought I went for jam tarts. Everybody loves a tart (ooh-er) and they are so easy to make.

I rolled out the pastry as before and using a cookie cutter I cut the pastry into circles and popped them in one of those cupcake/mince pie/tart trays. I then added some jam, I went for home-grown, home-made grape jam that my mum and dad make from the grapes they grow in the garden.

Into the oven they went for 30 minutes. Now, this is where things started to go wrong and I realised that I may have got over excited with the amount of jam I’d used, by the time I pulled my jam tarts out of the oven and waited for the jam that had turned into hot lava to stop bubbling I wasn’t feeling too triumphant about my creation.


Helpfully the boiling hot lava jam welded each little tart to the pan. After I managed to rescue some and spend 45 minutes scraping solidified jam out of the pan, Neil and I tried some of the salavaged mince pies. They were pretty tasty! As with the savoury dish the pastry is buttery and flaky and just really nice.


The pastry works really well with both sweet and savoury. It is super easy to use and you haven’t had to faff around making it from scratch so that is a bonus. I will definitely be getting myself some more Silly Yak pastry to try out some other recipes.

I’d like to say a massive thank you to Silly Yak for sending me this pastry to taste and review.

Have you tried Silly Yak pastry? Can you recommend a recipe for me to try with the pastry? Let me know below.

3 thoughts on “Silly Yak Gluten Free Pastry – Review

  1. You proper cheered me up when you text me the pic of your special jam tarts. Look at you making a yummy sounding tea too. We had gluten free tesco finest carrot cake as was reduced (end of pay day) and same could not tell the difference

    Stacey xxx

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