A little while ago the lovely people over at Michael O’Mara Books sent me a beautiful colouring book. I have finally had the chance to sit down and have a little look and play with the beautiful “The Aviary – Bird Portraits to Colour”.

I previously reviewed two other books from Michael O Mara Books and you can catch up with that post here.

Fly away with The Aviary – a collection of beautiful, intricately drawn birds.

From a mighty eagle and a regal swan to a fabulous flamingo and a superb bird of paradise, bring each picture to life with colour.

There are some beautiful illustrations inside.

I pondered over what to use to colour these illustrations. I have no end of coloured pencils, pens, chalks, crayons, paints etc. I thought about using some watercolour pencils but in the end I went for some watercolour paints I’ve never really used properly.


The first picture I painted was this cute little puffin. I like puffins, they are like awkward penguins, I can remember an Enid Blyton book where one of the children has two pet puffins for the duration of their entrapment on “Puffin Island” (althouth with a name like that it’s a wonder he didn’t have more pet puffins).

I had fun painting this puffin! I pulled the page out of the book to make it easier to paint and just in case the paint leached through the paper (it didn’t by the way – its very good quality paper).


Next, I had a go at painting the Pelican. I find pelicans a little frightening if I am honest and although a fabulous illustration, he isn’t as cute as the puffin.

Here he is, all completed!


What I love about this book and the illustrations is that you can be as creative as you like. I chose to paint big sections in the same colour, but you could colour each space a different colour. You can paint them the factual colours or in any wild combination you like! It doesn’t matter.

The paper is good quality and you could use any number of mediums to complete each picture.

I can’t wait to finish more of them! Huge thank you to the lovely people over at Michael O Mara books. Who you can also catch on Twitter for sending me this beautiful and engaging colouring book.

Unfortunately, my cats weren’t very impressed with my creations, who promptly put their big furry butts all over my finished picture..

Thanks guys!

Do you have The Aviary? What have you used to to colour it in with? Is this a colouring book you’d try? Let me know below!

5 thoughts on “The Aviary, Bird Portraits to Colour – Review

  1. Look at you with your painting skills! Great idea for a different way to complete the books as normally would use pencils or pens. One good tip is do watercolour and when dry shade with pencils. Love the illustrations, such details. Great work lovely! Can#t wait to see the rest

    Stacey xxx unicornfairy.net

    1. Thank you! My granny was a watercolour painter – she was really good and I unfortunately didn’t inherit that talent!! That’s a really good too – definitely going to have a go xxx

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