Nikky at Innabox Design has been on my radar for a long while now. I adore the style she uses so she was the perfect choice to immortalise my fur babies in jewellery form.

I got in touch with Nikky via Twitter and we discussed what I was looking for via email. I sent across lots of pictures of my cats and she asked me how I wanted them posed and what specific jewellery items I was looking for. I chose 4 pairs of earrings of each of my cats faces. A full body brooch of each of them and one final brooch of the 4 of them together. Nikky explained the cost to me and I was given a timeframe. She checked regularly that I was happy with each design (which I was, they are amazing!). She provided an all round excellent, friendly and easy service.

Here is my wonderful custom jewellery.

Bea (Beatrix)

Bea is our eldest cat. She is a Ragdoll – Burman cross. Bea is a little tricky to photograph as she is a very dark brown (almost black) colour. She is so affectionate and loves to sit on the side of the bath when I’m having a soak!

Here she is in jewellery form. Nikky has even captured the detail of her little bow collar:



Mallorie is the second eldest. She is pure white and used to be very timid. She is a lot braver now though! Mallorie likes affection on her own terms and will scratch you for attention.

In jewellery form:


Rufus (edit 2018: we lost Rufus in 2016 after his pancreatitis returned)

Rufus went through the mill a bit really. Nearly dying following the removal of his spleen after a diagnosis of Necrotising Pancreatitis. He had diabetes ever since and we had to inject him with Insulin twice a day. We had a few hairy (literally, he has a lot of fur) moments where he has had to be rushed up to the emergency vet. But he was a trooper and has never batted an eyelid at any of his treatment (in fact, he was pretty popular at the vets where he goes every few months for a glucose curve). Read about how we looked after him and his diabetes in this post.

Nikky has designed him perfectly. After losing him in 2016, the badge has been a lovely reminder of his gorgeous face and character.



Figaro is my baby. My mum got him for me as a birthday present. He came from a house in Torquay and was advertised as “Part Siamese”. This has become a standing joke in my house as Fig is about as Siamese as my left bum cheek. I adore him though and he is my tiny shadow with the loudest purr ever.

Here he is:


Aren’t they all just completely fabulous? I think they are instantly recognisable as my cats and Nikky has done the best job ever. I am beyond thrilled with them all.

The models themselves were rather unimpressed with their custom made pieces and in fact barely even woke up to acknowledge them.


Please go and check out Nikky’s Etsy shop here. Each item has been designed and created by Nikky and I recently snapped up some bits from her newest underwater collection. She has created earrings, necklaces, pins, mugs and more and has something for everyone.

You can also check out Nikky on Instagram and Twitter and you definitely should.

I cannot thank Nikky enough, she has captured my cats perfectly, and provided a friendly and fabulous service.


Have you bought anything from Innabox? Have you seen her amazing enamel pins? Get in touch below.

2 thoughts on “Custom Cats from Innabox

  1. Oh my gosh, I absolutely love this post! 🙂 All of the custom jewellery is gorgeous, so so cute! She’s done such a fantastic job, all of the pieces really do look like your cats! I loved learning more about your furrbabies too :3 I don’t like to choose favourites, but Rufus is so fluffy & I love ginger pets! Many of my rabbits are super fluffy (they are lionheads) and ginger <3 My favourite of the jewellery is definitely the individual brooches. I wonder if she makes rabbit jewellery *googles immediately*…. 😀

    1. she is so talented! I just ordered some purrmaid bits too from her Etsy shop – so wonderful!!

      Rufus is really fluffy, you often can’t tell which end is which! Xx

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