If you read my recent post about my visit to Manchester (you didn’t? Well, catch up here), you’ll know that Mum and I also spent a few days in Blackpool where we visited my brother, Pete and his girlfriend  Amy – they had just got back from Disney World so I really just went for the gifts and he didn’t disappoint!

We were very lucky and had amazing weather the whole time we were there. On our first day, we spent some time with my brother and Amy and they showed us some of their Florida videos and photos. In the evening we went for a very nice chinese and Pete and I did some snapchatting.


On our first full day we had a bit of a walk around the back streets near our hotel. There are lots of small, tatty gift shops and markets here including Hartes – where you are guaranteed to find Christmas all year round.


A few of the lamposts in this back street – Bond Street through to Waterloo Rd have been knitting bombed! I was really excited by this, I’ve only seen it in real life once before when we visited the Roald Dahl Museum last year. It was really nicely done, cheerful and a joy to see it brightening up the rather tired back streets of Blackpool, South Shore.

We ate in the Casino that night, there was a bit of an issue getting me in. I was being challenged 25! Fortunately, after the manager copped an eyeful of my cleavage he was kind enough to let me in. They also were able to give me a gluten free menu and made sure I had the allergens list so I could be sure of what I was eating.

The next day mum and I did some shopping, I mostly did the shopping to be honest, we also walked over to South Pier.

We were both very pleased to discover that a stall that sold chocolate covered fruit had returned! I ignored my lactose intolerance for 5 minutes and indulged in a few of my 5 a day!

We then had a quick go in the amusements, I love 2p machines! I also tried (unsuccessfully) to win a toy out of the grabber! I also made some friends.

The weather was gorgeous, so hot and sunny. On the way back to the hotel we also considered some of the local cuisines. I even managed to top up my tan, well until a bird pooped on me anyway.

That evening we had dinner at Bella Italia – catch up with my review of their gluten free offering here. We also had some more Snapchat fun including Mum’s first ever snapchat!

After dinner, Mum and I went back to the hotel and decided to check out the entertainment. As we arrived a large group of (much) older ladies called it a night as it was past their bedtime, this left the entertainer (who was wearing cuban heels) singing to a rather small audience, I felt really bad for him so Mum and I stayed to watch. It was hysterical. He forgot quite alot of the words, made some up and was very bemused as Mum answered his rhetorical questions! I am very glad we stayed!

We went up into the town the next stay, stopping in Coral Island – a huge amusement arcade, we popped a few 2ps in the machines as well.

Later in the evening we headed back up into the town again for dinner. We walked along the front a little after we got off the tram and admired the front of the Blackpool Tower – it’s had a bit of a facelift since I was last in Blackpool the year before last.

The next day we headed back to Manchester before heading home.

I had a lovely time in Blackpool, it was great to see my brother again and not just for the presents and my Mum spoilt me rotten (as I so obviously deserve).

Do you like Blackpool? What’s your favourite thing to whilst there? Get in touch below.


2 thoughts on “My Trip to Blackpool

  1. Lovely post & such wonderful photos! It sounds like you all had a wonderful time 🙂 That yarn bombing look sooo cool! I love going to Blackpool! I’m such a tourist… I really like all of the little shops that sell rock & tacky souvenirs! I also love going to arcades, especially Coral Island. I adore the big pirate skull display thing above the entrance to the arcade. I hate that I never seem to win plushies from the grabber machines though 🙁

    My favourite things to do in Blackpool are go to the Disney store, since we don’t have one in my hometown, walk along the seafront and go to all the little stores. Oh and buy fresh donuts! Those chocolate-covered fruit you bought sounds so yummy! x

    Sarah | Raiin Monkey

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