The Estellosaurus Book Tag

Welcome to the Estellosaurus Reads Book Tag! The rules are: Copy and paste the rules and sentence above. Answer the questions. Duh. Thank the person who tagged you, don’t forget to link to their original post/answers Tag 2 new people to take part Use #EstellosaurusReads if you share your post anywhere!… View Post

Tin, Padraig Kenny – Review

I recently finished reading Tin by Padraig Kenny. I picked it up in Waterstones a few weeks ago whilst spending some vouchers I had. This was right next to the till. The cover made me want to pick it up (I always judge books by their cover). Orphan Christopher works… View Post

Horrorstor – Book Review

A little while ago I read Horrorstor, currently available on Amazon. Horrorstor is a novel written by Grady Hendrix, published in 2014 by Quirk books. The book is set in a large Swedish style furniture superstore (think Ikea) called Orsk. Designed to look like the infamous catalogue complete with store… View Post