A book, too, can be a star, a living fire to lighten the darkness, leading out into the expanding universe – Madeline L’Engle

I was recently very lucky to get a chance to review a Date With A Book, a genius idea from Kate Elliot, available in Kate’s etsy shop you get a suprise vintage novel, a hand painted bookmark and a teabag so you can enjoy a nice cup of tea with your book!

My Date With A Book arrived in a small box that is letterbox sized (unless your postman is MENTAL like mine and doesn’t like to post anything through the letterbox) so no need to worry about missing your delivery.


The emoji is not part of the box – I’m hiding my address!

On opening the box I discovered the contents all nicely wrapped up in tissue paper with a ‘Kate Made’ sticker. I carefully tore open the paper to reveal the contents!

The bookmark and card are both handpainted and so pretty. I adore the crochet coaster, I’m a huge fan of crochet and always so impressed by people that have the skills to do it! An individually wrapped teabag is also included.


These little touches make it all feel really personal, Kate has put in alot of effort so you feel a bit special as you settle down to check out your mystery book!

I loved that the book was all wrapped in brown paper, tied up with string and complete with a handmade gift tag with a quote on it and what a lovely quote it is. The wrapped book adds the the mystery and excitement of what book you might get!


On unwrapping the paper I found Five Little Pigs by Agatha Christie! Agatha Christie is one of my favourite authors and I have lots of her books. I’ve seen Five Little Pigs a few times on TV and it’s always been a favourite of mine, I’ve never actually read the book having never owned a copy before so this was the PERFECT book for me!


The crochet coaster is lovely and if you are super clumsy like me and you tend to spill quite alot of tea, the coaster can be washed! It’s very well made and is cute. It really adds to the vintage feel of the whole box – it’s like a modern day doily!

I read the book over a few nights – I’ve got a couple of books on the go at the moment. I wasn’t disappointed. The book is a vintage copy, it isn’t brand new. It is in excellent condition and has that classic old book smell!

This little pig went to market
This little pig stayed at home

The jingle ran constantly through Poirot’s mind, Caroline Crale was convicted of murdering her husband – but there were five other suspects..

Phillip Blake, Stockbroker – went to markt
Meredith Blake, Country squire – stayed at home
Elsa Greer, Rich Divorcee – ate roast beef
Miss Williams, Devoted governess – got none
Angela Warren, Disfigured sister – cried all the way home!

Was Caroline Crale guilty – or one of the little pigs?

This is a classic Christie novel, lots of suspects and as Poirot uses his little grey cells you find yourself suspecting everybody. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and I’d like to thank Kate for her excellent choice!

There are currently a couple of choices available in Kate’s Etsy shop – a festive detective novel or detective novel with a deception in the family. Both right up my street to be honest!

A Date With A Book is a gorgeous thing, it would make a perfect gift for a book lover. I really love the mystery too – you don’t know what you are going to get and as a self confessed judger-of-books-by-their-cover I potentially could get to read something I wouldn’t usually choose! Everything you get in the box has that personal touch which makes it that bit more special too.

Check out Kate’s Instagram for photos of her art and lovely other creative things.

You can also find her on Twitter. Don’t forget to like and follow her Facebook page as well.

I’d like to thank Kate for sending me A Date With A Book (preferable to a date with a boy any day).

What do you think of Date With A Book? Get in touch below!


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